Full range of services for children with speech and language disorders

AGSP offers mobile and community speech pathology services to children aged 0-12 years. Services are available to private, Medicare and Plan or Self Managed NDIS clients

speech sounds

Speech sound refers to production of sounds. This may include difficulties with production of particular sounds, motor speech difficulties and reduced intelligibility (clarity).


Fluency refers to the smoothness of your speech. Difficulties with fluency may be referred to as a stutter.

phonological awareness (Literacy)

Phonological awareness skills are required for literacy. This includes skills such as syllable segmentation, identifying sounds, blending sounds together, rhyming, etc.

Language skills

Receptive (understanding) and expressive (output) language development includes being able to follow instructions, understand concepts, have a range of vocabulary, build phrases and sentences and engage in communication.

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) refers to all communication that is not verbal. This includes assistive technology, communication buttons, key word signs, gestures, etc. 


The use of social communication which may include: Interpreting facial expressions and body language Understanding tone of voice  Understanding jokes and idioms.

initial consulation

Initial consultations are booked as a 90 minute session completed at home. 

This session focusses on gathering a comprehensive case history, building rapport with your child and commencing any appropriate assessments. 

For NDIS clients, travel charges apply. 

ongoing therapy

Ongoing therapy sessions are booked for either 45 minute or 60 minute time slots. 

These can be completed at home, daycare or school.  

For NDIS clients, travel charges apply. 

"My daughter has made amazing progress with her speech! Now that others can understand her, she has much more confidence."

Carol A.