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Our approach

We are dedicated to helping individuals improve their communication skills and overcome any speech, language and communication difficulties.

We understand that communication is a fundamental aspect of life and we are committed to helping our clients achieve their full potential. Whether you are seeking therapy for yourself or a loved one, we are here to help.

At AGSP, we offer comprehensive speech pathology services by working closely with other professionals and healthcare disciplines in order to provide the best possible care for our clients and their families. AGSP is a Neurodiversity Affirming Practice that seeks to understand all of our clients and use their interest to facilitate our therapy.

This approach allows us to address all aspects of a person’s speech and language needs, including physical, emotional, and cognitive factors, which is important to achieve optimal outcomes.

We also understand the importance of involving family members in the therapy process and we work closely with them to ensure they are fully supported and included in the care provided.

Tailored therapy to best suit your children in Achieving their communication skills

AGSP individualises therapy for every client to reach their potential

We Specialize In The Following:

What to expect - Therapy Process

Initial Phone Consultation

Our friendly administration will gather important information to pass onto our experienced therapist.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is completed with the client's parents or carers. A comprehensive case history is completed, goals are discussed and a family-centred plan is created.

Assessment, Report &

Where appropriate, a formalised assessment may be conducted. A report with recommendations will be completed.

Therapy Sessions

Ongoing therapy sessions are individualised to our clients so they can achieve their best.

"If anyone is looking for a speech therapist for their child, I would highly recommend Abby. Abby Gander is an exceptional speech pathologist. She has been providing support for my son who has a complex diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome, Autism, ADHD and a cleft lip/palate. Abby took her time to review all research provided to ensure her technique and delivery of treatment met the needs of my son. My son enjoys working with Abby and looks forward to every session. We are forver grateful for Abby's expertise, professionalism and love for her role as a speech pathologist. We feel very lucky to have got to work with her" - Samantha T.